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Underwater hunting - with Nicus Nature

Underwater Hunting or UV hunting, as it is often called, has become very popular in Denmark. It is not without reason; imagine sliding silent towards the bottom of the sea and just seconds after, you hit a turbot or sea trout with your harpoon. In Denmark we have many species that can easily be reached from the shore. Depending on the season we have: flounder, plaice, turbot, cod, sea trout and mullet, all great eating fish. 

Season: see

Equipment: Bring your own equipment or rent equipment at Nicus Nature

Duration: 5 hours 

Requirements: Snorkel and swim experience is an advantage, and that you are comfortable with the water. A fishing license is required to catch fish in Denmark also under UV hunting courses. If you do not have a fishing license it can easily be purchased here: You can join the course without a license, but then you don't get to harpoon fish.

Min. age: Min. 16 years in the following with paying parents otherwise 18 years.

Price: DKK 895

Booking: or by phone

Additional information/offers:

Nicus Nature ApS, Kullinggade 29, 5700 Svendborg, Kursusbase: Vindebyørevej 31B, 5700 Svendborg

Telefon: +45 40 41 89 82



Underwater hunting - with Trente Mølle 


Season: 15.04.16 – 01.07.16 and 10.08.16 - 01.11.16

Equipment: We have wetsuits and equipment for underwater hunting

Duration: 3 hours

Requirements: One must be able to swim min. 200 meters and feel safe in the water. Redeem a license prior to the activity, if you are between 18 and 65 years. This can be done online at

Min. age: Min. 16 years in the following with paying parents otherwise 18 years.

Price: 1-3 people: DKK 2,800. Extra person: DKK 1000 (max 5 people). Each additional hour: DKK 500

Additional information/offers:

Trente Mølle Natur-, Miljø og lokal agenda 21 center, Trentevej 7 5672 Broby

Phone: +45 62 68 19 79