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Hiking along Langelandsbæltet to Tranekær 
In this beautiful and diverse stretch of the archipelago trail we walk around 11 km, from the charming ferry town Spodsbierg to the ancient castle Tranekær. The tour guide will tell stories about the historical sites and the countryside we go through. We will walk along Langelandsbæltet to Stengade Forest and Beach to the 200 year old tree Oehlenschläger tree. Here we will have lunch, and it is possible to go for a swin. In Stengade Forest you can also see the remains of a fortress from the wars with England in the early 1800s. After a final walk along the beach, the path takes us through lush meadows and green forests to Tranekær. Here we finish the hike with coffee and cake at the castle, and a car will take us back to Spodsbjerg. 
Season: July 19 and July 24, 2014 
Duration: approx. 6 hours 
Time: Tuesday or Thursday 
Price: £ 240 which includes lunch pack (sandwich, fruit and a snack), water, coffee and cake, Danish-speaking tour guide, map of the Archipelago Trail on Langeland and drive back to Spodsbierg Færgeleje 
Registration: Within two days before tourstart. Registration is by e-mail: booking@vagabondtours.dk or www.vagabondtours.dk. Registration is only valid when paying online on our website. 
Age: From approx. 12 years. It is up to each individual to judge when a child can go the distance and feel like it. 
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Vagabond Tours, Bjerrebyvej 6, 5953 Tranekær 
Tel: +45 3333 0040 
Mail: booking@vagabondtours.dk 
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