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Get close to nature in The South Fyn Archipelago at the back of an Icelandic horse

Naturkompagniet near Svendborg

Season: We arrange riding all year.

Duration: 1-3 hours

Equipment: Comfortable trousers and boots (fx. walking boots or weelingtons). Helmets are available.

Spec. req.: Under 90 kg. 

Age: 10 år

Price: 200 DKK per hour (for one hour) Clip-card - the longer the tour, the cheaper the price. 


Naturkompagniet contact: Kristian Møller, Krarupvej 55 + 5771 Stenstrup


Tel.: +45 29 84 62 65

E-Mail: mail@naturkompagniet.com


Østrup Turridning near Faaborg (and the South Fyn Bridle Path)

Season: 1. april - 15. november

Duration: From 1 to 7 hours or tours of a number of days.

Weekdays: Tuesday to sunday -  online booking www.oestrup.dk

Equipment: Helmets are available

Age: Horse in hand tours for smaller children can be arranged

Price: 1 hour on weekdays DKK 220,- weekends DKK 275,- per person. 2 hours 410,- 3 hours 550,- on weekdays and 2 hours 510,- og 3 hours 670,- in weekends and holidays


Østrup Turridning, John Flint, Østrup 32, 5600 Faaborg


Tel: +45 42402298

E-Mail: turridning@oestrup.dk


Højrupgaard near Faaborg (and the South Fyn Bridle Path)

Season: All year

Duration: From 1 hour to all day

Weekdays: All

Equipment: Riding clothes or practical clothes and shoes. Helmets are available

Spec. req.: max. 90 kg  

Price: From 220 DKK


Højrupgaard Islænder Turridning, Helle Illum, Højrupvej 45 5750 Ringe 


Tel.+45 2561 5464
E-mail: hoejrupgaard@vip.cybercity.dk


www.Turridninglangeland.dk at Langeland, near Tranekær

Season: All year

Duration: 1-2 hours by arrangement

Weekdays: All except wednesday and thursday

Equipment: Helmets are available

Spec. req: max. 100 kg

Price: 200 DKK per hour per person – min. price is 200DKK even if you ride for less than 1 hour. Extra time is charged for begun half hour; 1,5 hours=300 DKK


Stutteri Almindingen, Helle Tofte, Almindingen 1 – 5953 Tranekær


Tel: +45 23 66 74 41

E-Mail: helle.tofte@hotmail.dk