About sailing trips on wooden ships


Board the "Meta" and head off on an exciting sailing trip in the South Fyn Archipelago or choose an active tour in a smack dinghy.


A “smack dinghy” is a type of little dinghy that was used to ferry goods and animals around between the islands – cattle between farms, goods from the nearest town, or even people heading off to town festivals.


The dinghies were available in different sizes and were made by boat builders or other skilled craftsmen. This type of dinghy is easy to recognise on account of its square sail.


Øhavets Smakke-og Naturcenter (the Archipelago Dinghy Centre) on Strynø presents a fine exhibition of smack dinghies and other small craft. At the centre, you can also learn how to sail a smack dinghy and rent dinghies for short or long trips.