Tips and hints


The Archipelago Trail is signposted with blue pictograms showing a little white rambler figure and the word “Øhavsstien”. You cannot see from one signpost to the next, but the posts have been set up in places where the path changes direction or where you may be in doubt about the route.


As a rule, it is very easy to follow the trail, but it is a good idea to prepare for all eventualities by picking up a leaflet or buying the guidebook entitled “The Archipelago Trail – A walking tour of the South Fyn Archipelago” from the local tourist information office. Follow your progress on the map so that you always know where you are.



You do not need special equipment or a whole lot of planning to spend a day walking the Archipelago Trail, but here are a couple of hints:

  • Buy a good rucksack with a capacity of 20–30 litres. It should be well padded on the shoulder straps and on the section that rests against your back so that the contents do not irritate you while you are walking. A rucksack of this size is large enough to hold a packed lunch, drink bottle, Thermos flask, thin cushion and waterproofs, as well as a camera and a pair of small binoculars.
  • Choose a day when the weather is dry and allow at least 2–3 hours for your walk. Make sure to take a couple of breaks en route, pack a tasty lunch and take plenty to drink with you.
  • Learn to “switch off”: eat your lunch and drink your coffee in a sheltered place with a good view. Take a nap if you feel like it.