Vindeby - Lundby (13 km)

The route starts in the old ferry town of Vindeby, from where you can take a detour to Skanseodden and enjoy the view out over Svendborg. Then follow the trail to the skipper town of Troense, which is also famous for its fruit trade, and Valdemars Slot (castle), which is open to the public. Take a break under Ambrosius Stub’s oak tree before continuing along the coast east of Nørreskoven and Dyrehaven – the animal park where the star-crossed lovers Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre ended their lives.


The leaflet entitled Øhavsstien kort 4 (Archipelago Trail Map 4): Svendborg – Troense – Rudkøbing is available free of charge from the tourist information offices.


Bus: Svendborg – Vindeby – Lundby:


Parking in Vindeby: Vindeby Havn (harbour), Færgegårdsvej, 5700 Svendborg.

Parking in Lundby: by Lundby Kiosken, Sundbrovej 96, 5700 Svendborg.