About the Archipelago Trail

It is a commonly held belief that you need to go to the west coast of Jutland, to Norway or Sweden, or to other remote areas to be able to do some “serious” rambling. However, the South Fyn Archipelago Trail provides the same experience.


The trail runs more than 220 km around the South Fyn Archipelago. In most places, you will walk alongside the archipelago itself, but you will sometimes follow tracks and minor roads through the undulating landscape.


It is a typical Ice Age landscape, and en route you will encounter meltwater valleys, lateral moraines and hat hills. However, you should not expect to come across extensive swathes of deserted, untouched countryside as the landscape has been subject to human attention for more than 10,000 years. It is here that nobles built manors and estates, sailors put out to sea to explore the world and peasants and fishermen toiled to provide for their families. These past generations have left interesting, cultural and historical traces everywhere.


As you make your way along the trail, you will experience a rich variety of flora and fauna. In many places there are hedges, stone walls and small areas of woodland, where wild plants and animals can thrive in peace. The archipelago itself – which comprises around 55 islands and islets – is home to thousands of birds that come here to rest and breed.


Rambling is a relaxing activity. You may become physically tired, but everything takes place at a gentle pace. You have time to stop and chat with the people you meet – and to devote to quiet thought and reflection.


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More information about The Archipelago Trail in the Guidebook in English - buy it in the bookstore or at the local turistinformations in the Archipelago area.