Enjoy the scenery and show consideration


Enjoy the scenery when hunting, but please show particular consideration for the birds in sanctuaries, vulnerable areas and sections of the South Fyn Archipelago populated by resting wading birds. Access to sanctuaries for breeding birds is completely prohibited in the period 1 March–15 July.


Where rivers, streams and the like flow into the sea or the fjords, fixed regulations about protected belts apply. Underwater hunting is prohibited within 500 metres of the centre of the mouth of the river or stream. If the mouth of the watercourse is less than 2 metres wide, the protected belt regulations only apply in the period 16 September–15 March.


The Danish Fishing Act lays down minimum lengths and protection periods for some species of fish. If you catch free-swimming fish measuring at least 45 cm and flatfish measuring at least 35 cm, you are generally on the safe side – although there are some exceptions. Under no circumstances is it permitted to keep, transport or store protected species or fish under minimum length. All fish caught during periods of protection and fish that do not meet the minimum size requirements, must be immediately released into free-flowing water – and alive as far as possible.


Where can you hunt? It is generally permitted to go hunting in saltwater. Underwater hunting in fresh water is prohibited.