Good hunting grounds


Thurø Rev (reef)

An easily accessible area close to Svendborg. Good opportunities to land flatfish in the colder months. Particularly good when the wind is gentle or westerly.


Parking: In the woods at the end of Østerskovvej 10, 5700 Svendborg. From here, follow the path around 200 m to the water.


The south-east coast of Langeland

This area has hosted the Danish Championships in underwater hunting several times. Underwater hunters from all parts of the country come here to make the most of the excellent opportunities to catch flatfish and free-swimming fish. Conditions are best when the wind is gentle or westerly.


Parking: By the beach 300 m east of Strandvej 1, 5935 Bagenkop.


Sønderhjørne on Horne Land

Leopard seabed with good opportunities to catch sea trout. Particularly good during the daytime in winter and at night in the summer – especially when the wind is gentle or from the north-east.


Parking: By the beach at the end of Dyndkrogvej, 5600 Faaborg. From here, follow the beach around 1.5 km south to Sønderhjørne.


The coast off Sct. Albert on Ærø

A great area for catching flatfish, mullet and sea trout. A particularly good spot when the wind is gentle, northerly or westerly.


Parking: By the beach 100 m east of Havsmarken 1, 5960 Marstal.