Good fishing spots


Stenodden on Tåsinge

A north-facing coast with a stone reef; ideal for wading fishing in winter and spring. Sea trout, garfish, roach and eel are common catches. Most people fish on the tongue of land itself, but the stretch of coastline actually runs for a kilometre towards Lunkebugten bay to the west, and a kilometre to the south. Stenodden is also a great place to go fishing on cool nights in June.

Parking: By the side of the road at the end of Stenoddenvej, 5700 Svendborg.


Frankeklint on Langeland

A west and north-facing coastline around the northerly tip of Langeland. A magnificent area for trout. On the tip of the island itself, you can pull on your waders and fish over a large mussel reef. To the south, the water is deeper and gives you the chance to land really big fish.

Parking: At the end of Houvej, 5953 Tranekær.


Oldemark on Ærø

A south-west-facing coast with deep water and a varied seabed. You can catch sea trout and reasonably large cod here. Otherwise, the whole of the south coast of Ærø can be considered a long stretch of fishing water, with plenty of great spots and good chances to land garfish and flatfish.

Parking: At the end of the gravel track south of Oldemarksvej 6, 5970 Ærøskøbing


Tour of Avernakø

The entire coastline of the island is excellent for trout fishing, so you can always find a place with good wind conditions.


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