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M/F Ærøsund as new diving spot in the archipelago
Sunday October 5, 2014 M/F Ærøsund was sunk as artificial reefs and new diving spot in the archipelago. The wreck is situated approximately 19 meters below the surface of the water in the Ringsgård Basin about 550 meters off the coast, near the village of Ballen on Funen. The top of the wreck (the funnel) is only 6 meters below the surface, making it an interesting spot for free divers as well as scuba divers. Read more about Ærøsund





Diving trail in Lindelse Nor

For snorkelers and scuba divers.

 Øhavsmuseet (The Archipelago Museum) has created a diving trail off the coast of Højklint in Lindelse Nor (cove) on the west side of Langeland. Follow the trail to experience ancient history beneath the waves.

 What is special about Lindelse Nor and the South Fyn Archipelago is that they feature a large number of submerged Stone Age landscapes. Off the coast of Højklint, you can see tree stumps and fallen trees from the Stone Age woods littering the seabed. And if you know what to look for, you may even find examples of flint utensils.

 The water is 2–3 metres deep here and the trail is 500 metres long. Seven notice boards have been set up along the route to provide information about the Stone Age, the “drowned” woods, and the plants and animals that live in the area. Parking: At the end of Klæsøvej, 5900 Rudkøbing.



Møllegab near Ærøskøbing Harbour

For experienced snorkelers and scuba divers.

 On a submerged tongue of land off Ærøskøbing, you will find remains of settlement sites and burial grounds from the Hunter Stone Age. The settlements at Møllegab date from the Ertebølle Culture and underwater archaeologists have found human bones scattered across the area. On one lucky occasion, they also uncovered the remains of a burial performed in a dugout canoe. In just a small area, you can explore centuries of life and death in the Ertebølle Culture.

Parking: At Ærøskøbing Harbour, 5970 Ærøskøbing.


Lunkebugten bay near Tåsinge

For experienced scuba divers.

 At the end of World War II, the German forces scuttled a number of motor torpedo boats in Lunkebugten bay.

The vessels were moored at a small shipyard in Svendborg, where they were to be equipped for combat. However, they were not completely ready when the German forces scuttled them to prevent them falling into the hands of the Allies.

 Four of the boats have been found, lying in 9–12 metres of water. The current here is only weak, so the wrecks are accessible to scuba divers with some experience. According to reports, there should be 6–8 boats on the seabed here, but the last few have not yet been discovered. Perhaps you will be the one to find them …

The nearest ramp for diving boats is at Lars Møllers Kaj, 5700 Svendborg.


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