Snorkeling and scuba diving


Just below the surface of the water in the South Fyn Archipelago lies a treasure trove of treats: varied plants and animals in shallow and deep water, innumerable reefs and cultural delights from ancient and more recent times.


When the ice started to melt at the end of the last Ice Age, the water it released flooded large sections of the prehistoric landscape. So if you would like to dive thousands of years back in time, set off from the numerous beaches of the archipelago and swim out directly to the sites of Stone Age settlements 2–3 metres below the surface of the water. You may be lucky enough to spot traces of old fireplaces, kitchen middens and fallen trees from Stone Age forests.


Many places in the archipelago are also perfect for wreck diving. The most famous attractions are probably the four motor torpedo boats that the German forces scuttled in Lunkebugten bay at the end of World War II.