10 tips


1. To complete the suggested routes, you should have taken a course in basic paddling techniques and be capable of rescuing yourself and others who get into difficulty.

2. Always check the weather forecast before starting a trip (

3. Be realistic in your assessment of your own skills in relation to the weather.

4. Always paddle with other people.

5. Tell someone which route you will be taking and when you expect to be back. Call if you are delayed.

6. Always use the necessary safety equipment. Always wear a life vest and take clothes for all kinds of weather with you.

7. Make use of the resting and accommodation sites set up for the purpose. It is not permitted to pitch a tent on the beach or in other areas without the permission of the property owner.

8. Show consideration for other traffic on the water, and give way to other craft in the sailing channels.

9. Show consideration for nature and the local population, and abide by the provisions of the Danish Nature Conservation Act regarding behaviour in the countryside.

10. Do not hesitate to call for help if you get into difficulties.