Around Tåsinge (40 km)

If you paddle clockwise from Vindebyøre campsite, you will pass the distinctive Ventepose Mill and Valdemars Slot (castle), which has a magnificent beach. South of the castle and further on – as you pass Stenodden – the beech woods run all the way down to the coastline. After you have passed the Siødæmningen causeway and the small Rallen islands, you will come to Monnet, the largest littoral meadow on Fyn. From here, continue north along the coastline and in through the sound. The narrow passage between the islands of Iholm and Tåsinge is a calm and beautiful stretch of water. It takes you past numerous small harbours that are also great places to stop for a picnic.


Car park/starting point: Vindebyøre Camping, Vindebyørevej 58, 5700 Svendborg. It is a good idea to make arrangements with the campsite.


Difficulty: moderate. Be careful as you pass through Svendborg Sound as the current can be strong, and there is a fair amount of traffic here. The current changes every six hours. If you cross Lunkebugten bay when the wind is from the east, the waves may be high and the current can be strong close to the Siødæmningen causeway. Stay close to the coast all the way around.


Show consideration: The Monnet bird sanctuary on the south of Tåsinge is completely off limits in the period 15 March–1 July. Show consideration for the resting flocks of birds to the south and south-east of Monnet; give them plenty of space