About sea kayaking in the archipelago

The South Fyn Archipelago is one of the most attractive areas in Denmark for sea kayaking. The archipelago has become something of a Mecca for people who own a sea kayak or who yearn to go paddling in one.


A total of 55 islands and islets scattered throughout the area provide a unique setting for experiencing nature. About a dozen of them are inhabited, while the other green oases in this blue paradise provide resting and breeding grounds for the birds that return year after year. These islands provide the perfect opportunity to spend some time completely alone in a world of blue and green.


New facilities – kayak harbours, jetties and kayak trailers – have helped create excellent conditions for kayakers. The archipelago has also attracted a number of professional sea kayak businesses that organise courses and tours from April to late October for both novices and experienced kayakers of all ages.