Natural playgrounds

Natural playgrounds feature playthings made of Mother Nature’s own materials – tree trunks, rope, soil and water – and are often to be found in or near woods.



Troldeland (Troll Country) is the largest natural playground in Denmark and is located in the hills of Svanninge Bakker. Here you will find playthings and activities for children aged 3–12. The playground is located in a former gravel pit area that is divided into “pockets”.


The biggest “pocket” contains the playground for children aged 7–12. There is a shelter here, as well as around 25 playthings arranged along the edge of the pocket so you can play “The Ground is Toxic” all the way around.  Alfeland (Elf Country) is for children aged 2–6 and is located a little farther away. Huleland (Cave Country) is positioned down a steep slope, and is designed to allow users to define the layout for themselves.


There are campfire areas at and near the playground. Bring your own firewood.


Naturlegepladsen Gåsebjergsand (Gåsebjergsand Natural Playground), Rallebæksgyden, DK-5600 Faaborg.


Access to the site: Driveway to Gåsebjergsand from Rallebæksgyde. Parking at the site next to the yellow clubhouse. We recommend that when you leave the playground, you use the exit to Odensevej.


Buses: Buses operating between Faaborg and Odense pass Gåsebjergsand and Svanninge Bakker.



In Ærøskøbing, you will find Naturlegepladsen Lunden (Lunden Natural Playground) right next to the water behind Villa Blomberg youth & family hostel. There is a campfire site here, with a view out over Lilleø and Ommelshoved, as well as an exciting combination of playthings, sculptures and workshops – including a whittling centre where children can learn to whittle shapes and figures.


Access to the site: Drive to Villa Blomberg Youth & Family Hostel, Smedevejen 15, DK-5970 Ærøskøbing and follow the path down to the water. After around 300 m, you will see the natural playground to your left.


Dronningemaen in Svendborg

This natural playground is located in the heart of the city of Svendborg. It is like a little oasis, with watercourses, streams, carved animal figures on the slopes and in the scrub. Other attractions – naturally – include swings, a climbing net and a playing field. In winter, there is also a skating rink when the weather is really cold.


Access to the site: On Dronningemaen, DK-5700 Svendborg, there are plenty of places to park close to the natural playground.