Kiss the frog and Find the Tadpole



Bring your family and friends on a voyage of discovery in the countryside at the Kys Frøen (Kiss the Frog) experience centres in the South Fyn Archipelago – on Fyn, Langeland, Strynø and Ærø. You can also visit the smaller activity centres Find the Tadpole at five islands; Bjørnø, Drejø, Skarø, Avernakø og Lyø. (see


Kys Frøen is the name of a series of family activity centres that give you the chance to explore the countryside and share exciting experiences. The equipment and instructions at the centres lead you safely through the activities you choose.


You are left to your own devices and can set your own pace as the centres are generally unstaffed.

For example, you can try “diving down” into the crazy world of the water holes, or collect natural ingredients from the countryside to make your evening meal. You can also hunt for “treasures” with a GPS unit or a compass, or use a wind turbine to generate energy. Each centre provides around a dozen different activities.


The Kys Frøen centres are open from Easter until the end of the autumn school holidays.


Additional information: Kys Frøen


Kys Frøen addresses:


Naturskolen Trente Mølle (Trente Mill Nature School)

Trentevej 7, Ny Stenderup, DK-5672 Broby

Tel. +45 6268 1979


Skovsgaard Gods (Estate)

Kågårdsvej 12, Hennetved, DK-5900 Rudkøbing

Tel. +45 6257 2666


Øhavets Smakke- and Naturecenter

Strynø Brovej 12, Strynø, 5900 Rudkøbing

Tel. +45 5098 1306


Herregården Søbygaard (Søbygård Manor)

Søbygårdsvej 2, DK-5985 Søby, Ærø.

Tel. +45 6252 2950