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Veteran Train Journey

Catch a train back to the 1950's and enjoy a wonderful trip on the old railway line between Faaborg and Korinth. During your ride you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful and ever changing landscape of The South Fyn Archipelago.

Season: 26.06.16 - 25.08.16

Duration: 1½ hours (30 min. trainride from Faaborg to Korinth, 30 min. stay in Korinth, and 30 min. back)


Price: DKK 90 per person, children under 12 years DKK 45, and children below age of 4 years travel for free. Bikes 10 DKK

Extra info:

Trainride starts Banegårdspladsen 10, 5600 Faaborg or at Korinth Station.

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Seal Safari at Strynø

Sail on an old cattle barge to a little island, from where seals are often spotted sunbathing. On the way the wildlife ranger tells you about the life on the islands, their historic remains and the bird- and animal life.

Season: Wednesdays from 29.06.16-31.08.16

Duration: 2 hours


Price: DKK 120 per person, children below age of 12 DKK 80

Extra info:

The safari starts from Øhavets Smakke- and Naturecenter, Strynø Brovej 12, Strynø at 11.45 (a five minuttes walk from the harbour)

You take the ferry from Rudkøbing at 11.00 (30 minuttes)

Tel. +45 5098 1306