Nature and wild horses


Everyone wants to see the wild horses of Langeland that live under the open sky all year round on a 110 ha area on the south of the island. The horses are left to their own devices and rely exclusively on the local vegetation for sustenance. The herd comprises around 60 Exmoor ponies that originally come from a remote area of Great Britain.


In the same part of Langeland you will find two small coppice forests: Øster and Vester Gulstav. Coppice forests (also known as “stump gardens” in Danish) are woods where trees were felled in rotation to provide timber and firewood for local farmers. The two coppice forests cover a total area of 23 hectares. In contrast to most other woods, almost all the trees here are small. Bunches of absolutely straight, hazel switches rise up to the height of several metres from the soil. Only at irregular intervals will you see large, leafy oaks towering majestically above the dense undergrowth. When the wind blows, the switches clatter against each other and create an impressive din.


Parking: 200 m south of Gulstavvej 22, 5935 Bagenkop.


Additional information:

You can pick up leaflets about the area from the local tourist information office.