The island of Skarø lies at the exit from Svendborg Sound. It is home to around 30 full-year residents, who always extend a warm welcome to tourists and new “settlers”.


The island is beautiful, varied and home to a rich birdlife population. With plenty of benches, rambling trails and views, the island is simply made for wonderful experiences. The highest point of the island rises only 9 m above sea level. It has been given the rather pretentious name of Vesterbjerg (West Mountain), but does provide a charming view.


Skarø is the perfect place to relax and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The island is ideal for country rambles and cycle rides. A summer café, an art shop and an annual music festival all attract visitors to the island.


Show consideration: Skarø Rev (reef) is completely off limits in the period 1 March–15 July. You should also stay away from Skarø Odde and the meadows on Kalveodde during the same period.


Transport: Ferry from Svendborg (40 minutes)


The ferry departs from Svendborg Harbour.


To find out more about Skarø, see visit Sydfyn

You can pick up a leaflet about Skarø from the local tourist information office.