Vitsø Nor and Søbygård


Through a major nature restoration project, the dammed Vitsø Nor (cove) has been converted into a giant lake with wet meadowlands and a rich birdlife population. The nature area is protected, but it is open to the public all year round and the Archipelago Trail follows the banks of the new lake.


Close to the cove, you will find an old embankment that formed part of a royal fortress from the 1100s.


On the other side of the road stands Søbygård, one of the smallest palaces in Denmark – but one that represents significant events in the turbulent history of the island of Ærø.


The farm buildings are used today as venues for concerts and a variety of exhibitions. They also house the Kys Frøen experience centre, where families can pick up inspiration and equipment for exploring the countryside together.


Parking: Søbygårdsvej 2, 5985 Søby, Ærø.


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