Pipstorn Skov

Pipstorn Skov (woods) was a popular burial site from the Peasant Stone Age until the Iron Age – a period of around 4,000 years. The woods are actually home to the richest concentration of ancient relics anywhere on Fyn.


Here you can see numerous dolmens, Bronze Age burial mounds and Iron Age hillock graves. Many of them have been exposed and lovingly restored, and the woods are open to the general public.


The area is imbued with deep tranquillity, and there are plenty of fine trails and excellent views. From the layby near Lucienhøj, you can look out over the South Fyn Archipelago. From Alléskoven to the north, there is an unobstructed view of the former wetlands of Bjørnemosen and Lysmosen and all the way to the steep hills on which Diernæs stands.


The entire Pipstorn Skov area has been designated cultural heritage.


Parking: 150 m south-east of Lucienhøj 14, 5600 Faaborg.


Additional information

To find out more about Pipstorn Skov, you can pick up a leaflet about Pipstorn Skov from the local tourist information office.