About the South Fyn Bridle Path 


A permit for the South Fyn Bridle Path gives you the chance to experience a delightful area of Denmark from horseback. The route comprises 75 km of continuous bridle paths through the beautiful countryside and incomparable estate landscapes of South Fyn. The entire route follows paths through woods or across fields, so you will not have to worry about riding in traffic on roads.


The paths meander up and down through the hills of Svanninge Bakke and Svanninge Bjerge, provide expansive views out over the South Fyn Archipelago, lead you through woods and valleys, alongside hedges and stone walls, and take you around Brændegård Sø – a large lake with a rich birdlife population.


The route includes a number of properties, and you will pass through both state-owned and privately owned areas. The route is marked with signposts featuring pictograms, so you always know which way to ride.